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Welcome to Shenzhen LEDcolourlight Technology Co.,Ltd.

We are an enterprise dedicated to the research and development and application of DMX512 stage lighting system. We have many years of experienced design team and production team. The company's products are sold in many countries around the world and are widely used in various stages, bars, KTV, building lighting and Home lighting decoration and other places.

Flexibility, simplicity, and innovation are our guiding principles. From software and product development, customization competence and cutting-edge integrated lighting and building material solutions, to worldwide project management, planning and support services, to our dynamic and global team of outstanding professionals, these values drive and shape us within our ever-evolving industry.

LEDcolourlight has reached great success in the entertainment market thanks to its experience and the capacity to offer services that can provide a wide range of solutions and innovative products, suitable for meeting any requirement or need of the show.Relying on the strength of senior experts in Shenzhen Research Center, the company adopts the cutting-edge technology of European and American entertainment lamps, and successfully integrates standard DMX512 lighting technology and domestic and foreign innovation elements into products to create better products. At the same time, the company actively provides customers with professional pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure customers worry-free use of products.