What Principles Should Be Followed In The Design Of LED Pane

What Principles Should Be Followed In The Design Of LED Pane

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Because people's living standard is getting better and better, so many people will redecorate their house, and lamps and lanterns is an indispensable part. So what principles should be followed in the design of dongguan LED panel lamps?
In the process of design of LED panel light mainly based on the needs of the design, lighting and emotional appeal is emotionally as a starting point, from the perspective of people to create a kind of artistic conception of lighting environment, give a person a kind of comfortable atmosphere, should can satisfy the spiritual needs of people way of lighting, make the person feel the emotional appeal.

LED flat lamps should be designed according to the requirements of the environment, which means that the scene lighting can be carried out according to the site, so as to create a harmonious and most suitable lighting environment, and to foil the scene effect.

At present the production of LED light: LED arc clean light edges, straight to purify the panel lights, purify the panel lights, integration ceiling panel lights, purifying lamp of tears, is three lamp lights, emergency lights, germicidal lamp, security; Among them, clean room dedicated LED purification lamps and LED panel lamps are the main products of the company; Since established, widely for pharmaceutical factory, food factory, school, hospital operating room, electronics factory, dust-free workshop, laboratory, transportation engineering, precision instruments, fine chemicals, new energy and other industries provide complete purification engineering lighting solution.

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